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Central Desktop

Launch your business on a solid foundation – for as low as $22/month
Get organized. Start sharing. Run operations anywhere, anytime.
Limited time offer:  35% off for Life*

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  • What do over 250,000 small business owners use Central Desktop for?
    Project management. Scheduling and task management. Document and file sharing. Building online, secure team workspaces. Replacing Excel spreadsheets with “live” databases and workflow. Real-time communication and information sharing with clients, staff and 3rd parties. Company intranet. Basically, for just about anything that you need to run your business’ daily operations online.


  • W ho manages and runs Central Desktop, and how much do you pay them?  
    Typically a business owner or manager sets up Central Desktop, and your users manage it daily.  No implementation consultants or fees.  If you have any questions at all, our staff is there to help.


  • My business is still in the early stages of development. Am I ready for Central Desktop?
    If you are going to be using the phone, email, documents, files and spreadsheets to build and run your business, then yes, you are ready for Central Desktop. Central Desktop will keep you organized, efficient, and able to access your company files from anywhere, anytime. Start a free 30-day trial of Central Desktop today.